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While Florida and “Tornado Alley” in the south-central United States have a higher frequency of tornadoes than the rest of the United States, tornadoes can and do occur over much of the country. Tornado alley generally refers to the region from central Texas to northern Iowa, and from central Kansas and Nebraska all the way to Western Ohio. This region is ideally situated for the formation of supercell thunderstorms, which often produce strong to violent tornadoes (EF-3 or stronger). Texas has been hit hard by tornadoes the last couple of years, resulting in millions of dollars in property damage to home and businesses.

The Dallas tornado damage lawyers at Grisham & Kendall, PLLC, have assisted policyholders with their tornado claims for approximately 15 years in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Florida, among other states. If your insurance company has delayed, denied, or underpaid your home or commercial property tornado claim, we may be able to help you. Insurance companies, even with total loss claims, can unreasonably delay the handling of the insurance claim in order to pressure the insured into accepting a below-market settlement of the claim. Your insurance carrier may also deny or underpay a tornado claim on the basis that any damages noted occurred as a result of another storm which pre-dated the current insurer’s policy period (such defense arguments are typically raised where the insured had a different insurance company for the cited prior loss date).

How Our Firm Can Help

At Grisham & Kendall, PLLC, we are experienced in dealing with insurance company defense tactics and know how to fight back on behalf of policyholders by confirming weather history for the affected property, thoroughly documenting the existing damages, obtaining and reviewing previous property inspection reports (including inspections performed by the insurance company as part of their underwriting process), and hiring qualified causation, damages, and insurance bad faith experts to prove your case in court against the insurance company. If you decide to contest your insurance company’s coverage decision, it will spend whatever it takes to hire its own attorneys and experts to defeat your claim.

Grisham & Kendall, PLLC, works on a contingency-fee basis. We also front the case expenses necessary to combat the insurance company in litigation. We promise to aggressively pursue your rights under the insurance policy if your tornado claim was delayed, underpaid, or denied.

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If your home or business has been damaged by a tornado and your insurance company refuses to treat you fairly, please contact the Dallas tornado damage insurance claim attorneys of Grisham & Kendall, PLLC, at (713) 999-5085 to discuss your case.

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