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If your property has been damaged, please contact the San Marcos property damage lawyers of Grisham & Kendall, PLLC, at (214) 308-2027 to discuss your case.

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The San Marcos property damage attorneys at Grisham & Kendall, PLLC have represented homeowners and commercial property owners for more than 20 years. We offer a free review of your policy and claim and are happy to discuss the issues that may apply to your individual claim such as damages from frozen/burst pipes and sprinkler systems from this year’s Winter Storm. If you would like our San Marcos property damage attorneys to review your insurance policy at no cost and with no obligation, please call Grisham & Kendall, PLLC at (214) 308-2027 to schedule a call or contact us using the form.

Recent Reviews

My wife and I thought we were heading into a complicated legal odyssey with a destroyed commercial property until we hired Bill Kendall. His sustained focus and hard work was so effective that we had a great settlement within hours of the first deposition.
F. Jones
Multi-Family Property Claim (Dallas, TX)
Our large hotel was severely damaged by hail. After significant delays by the insurance company, our claim was denied. We hired Bill Kendall and Grisham & Kendall soon after. Through Bill’s efforts during our lawsuit, we were able to reach a favorable settlement close to trial. We would certainly recommend Grisham & Kendall, PLLC to any property owner whose insurance company isn’t treating them fairly.
D. Patel
Hotel Hail Claim

How We Can Help With San Marcos Damage Claims


At Grisham & Kendall, PLLC, our work guarantees itself. On your property damage claim, you will not owe us anything in fees or case expenses unless we recover additional insurance proceeds or compensation for you through settlement or trial.

Property Damage Lawyer San Marcos FAQs

If natural disasters destroy your home or property, you need money now to help pay for the damage. Hiring a lawyer can help when your insurance does not want to pay or denies your claims unjustly. Insurance companies do not want to pay out and will use every trick to avoid giving you a settlement. 


Grisham & Kendall’s home property damage attorneys are well-versed in the strategies required to negotiate with insurance carriers and secure a satisfactory settlement for their clients. Get answers to your questions, then call us right away to schedule an appointment. We will assist you in receiving the compensation you are due.

Insurance lawyers in San Marcos can help your insurance cover practically any disaster that can befall your property. Some common claims are made for:



Flood or water damage

Damage to cars 

Wind damage



Damage to structures


Living Expenses


Within these claims, you are asking for help to cover all of the damage. From medical treatments to a new roof, property damage can quickly ring up a massive bill. These are expenses your insurance company promised to pay to you in exchange for our faithful payments to them every month. 


If your claims with the insurance company are taking too long and putting you in a financial bind, you will undoubtedly benefit from the assistance of an attorney. An experienced insurance claim attorney will understand how to handle delays and identify bad-faith actions that violate your rights. You can, of course, contact the insurance company on your own, but they frequently know exactly what to say to scare or delay customers. 


You urgently require funds to make your home habitable for your family. Property damage lawyers know how to deal with insurance companies’ stalling tactics to get your money as soon as possible. They know your rights and want to help you instead of the insurance company.

Before accepting an offer, always speak with your insurance lawyer. The insurance company may be offering you far less than you deserve because they know customers rarely know their rights. They may give you a meager sum or may try delaying tactics to prevent paying you so they can earn interest on the money longer. 


Remember, once you accept an offer, you will be unable to receive additional compensation from your insurance company. Insurance companies know people will except the amount they give thinking it’s their only option. However, you have the right to legal representation to get them to keep their promises.

If your insurance company denies your claim, you must either fight back or hire legal counsel. Using the services of a property damage lawyer with extensive experience increases your chances of receiving a fair settlement from your insurance company with less hassle. Unfortunately, an unfair settlement may require a court case.


Keep strong documentation of your claim and damage to ensure the insurance company cannot continue denying your claim with a lawyer’s help. If your damages are well-documented and your claim is supported by solid evidence, an insurance company is much more likely to offer you a fair amount. Despite the fact that insurance companies are required by law to pay legitimate claims, they frequently try to avoid doing so, necessitating the use of a lawyer.

When the insurance company takes too long to pay a claim, it causes financial problems for you. You may not be able to repair the damage or afford to stay somewhere else if necessary. Soon, debt collectors may begin harassing you as well, and your credit may suffer as a result. 


Insurance companies in California are typically required to pay your claim within eighty-five business days of its approval. However, they frequently take longer to pay out claims in order to keep the account earning interest. They profit from delaying a claim, so they will look for any reason not to pay. A good lawyer will help to expedite the process so that you can return to normalcy with a satisfactory settlement.

If your insurance company has been unjust by delaying, denying, or underpaying your claim, the lawyers at Grisham & Kendall, PLLC, are here to help. We have assisted hundreds of property owners in resolving disputed insurance claims by providing critical legal guidance and advice to ensure prompt payment and fair treatment. Call Grisham & Kendall, PLLC, at (214) 308-2027 in California to discuss your disputed property insurance loss and construction defect claim and get a fair settlement today.

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