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There are many unexpected events that happen in life. People purchase disability insurance to protect themselves financially in the event of a disability or illness that prevents them from working and earning a paycheck. These insurance plans typically pay you a percentage of your salary – 40 to 65 percent – for period of time you are temporarily disabled. Excluding injuries suffered on the job, short-term disability insurance provides coverage for the time you miss because of a sickness or injury.

Unfortunately, even if you have made monthly premium payments, your insurance company could act in bad faith and deny you benefits. If you or someone you know has suffered an injury that requires benefits and have been denied by his or her insurance company, you need a professional legal representative to fight for you. Contact the Dallas short-term disability claim lawyers of Grisham & Kendall, PLLC, at (713) 999-5085 to discuss your situation.

Fighting for Your Denied Coverage

Short-term disability insurance typically pays you a percentage of your salary for a specific amount of time – anywhere from 10 to 26 weeks. Unfortunately, many people are denied benefits. Your insurance company may be acting in bad faith and it’s time to hold them responsible. If you have been denied benefits, a legal representative will help you appeal your claim and fight for benefits. If you have been denied, be sure to check the following:

  • Your insurance policy to make sure your condition is covered
  • Your medical records and doctors visits documents that define your condition
  • Any other documentation that helps your case

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To speak with a qualified attorney about your legal options, contact the Dallas and Houston short-term disability litigation lawyers of Grisham & Kendall, PLLC, today at (713) 999-5085 to take the first step in fighting for the benefits you need.

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Short-Term Disability Claims

When you are suddenly injured in the workplace or develop a condition that keeps you from maintaining a steady income, you may be eligible for short-term disability benefits through employer-paid coverage. Although there is not a short-term disability program in Texas through the Social Security Administration (SSA), the experienced team of Dallas short-term disability attorneys at Grisham & Kendall, PLLC wants to help you receive the benefits you are needing.

Making a Short-Term Disability Claim

Most short-term disability claims are handled through appropriate insurance providers once medical conditions arise and cause an individual to be unable to work. Problems may arise when the following situations occur:

  • Denied disability insurance
  • Bad faith practices
  • Incomplete paperwork

When claims are wrongfully denied, it is possible to appeal the initial judgment in order to obtain the necessary short-term benefits. Our Dallas short term disability attorneys can help walk you through the process of appealing a wrongfully denied claim.

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Claiming short-term disability benefits is often a necessary step to maintain a financially stable lifestyle while recovering from an illness or injury. If you or someone you know was denied the short-term disability that they need, contact the Dallas short term disability lawyers of
Grisham & Kendall, PLLC by (713) 999-5085.

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