5 Common Insurance Mistakes

Mistakes with Purchasing Insurance

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  Insurance and all of its different types can be confusing. Some types of insurance coverage overlap, and can leave you unsure of what type of policy you should purchase and if you have adequate coverage. More often than not, it is best to speak with an independent insurance agent to determine what types of coverage you need. Some people don’t do enough research before settling on insurance policies, which can lead to lapses in coverage that they thought they had. Sadly, however, sometimes these “lapses” are a result of an insurance company acting in bad faith and failing to provide policyholders with the coverage they deserve. If you believe that your insurance company has wrongly denied you coverage, the Dallas insurance bad faith lawyers of Grisham & Kendall, PLLC, might be able to help you receive the payout that is rightfully yours. Contact us at (713) 999-5085 to speak with an attorney today.  
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Our large hotel was severely damaged by hail. After significant delays by the insurance company, our claim was denied. We hired Bill Kendall and Grisham & Kendall soon after. Through Bill’s efforts during our lawsuit, we were able to reach a favorable settlement close to trial. We would certainly recommend Grisham & Kendall, PLLC to any property owner whose insurance company isn’t treating them fairly.

D. Patel – Hotel Hail Claim
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My wife and I thought we were heading into a complicated legal odyssey with a destroyed commercial property until we hired Bill Kendall. His sustained focus and hard work was so effective that we had a great settlement within hours of the first deposition.

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Mistakes with Purchasing Insurance

Because insurance is an intangible product, people are more likely to make mistakes in determining how much or what kinds they need. Five of the most common mistakes insurance shoppers make include the following:
  • Buying too much or too little insurance
  • Buying the wrong kind of insurance
  • Forgetting to update a policy after big life changes, such as getting married or having a child
  • Not understanding the policy
  • Not shopping around for the best policy
The security provided by having the correct insurance policy is incredibly valuable, but if your insurance company fails to honor the terms of your policy, the effects can be as severe as if you didn’t have insurance coverage at all.

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If you purchased the right policy for your needs and have been consistent in making payments but your insurance company is denying you coverage, you need an experienced attorney who will help you fight for what is owed to you. The Dallas insurance lawyers of Grisham & Kendall, PLLC, are here to help you take on the company that is wrongly denying you coverage, so call us today at (713) 999-5085 to schedule an initial consultation.